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    Moving Tips and Tricks

    By Nicole Burke MBA | February 26, 2021

    Purging your closets, your linen closet, your kitchen cabinets, your bedroom, your bath, and moving your entire household is a difficult process. Great news! I’ve got 10 moving tips and tricks to share with you to help facilitate your move to your new home easy! Obtain 3 quotes from moving companies.  Speak with 3 moving... Read More

    House Prices in Long Island

    By Nicole Burke MBA | February 23, 2021

    It’s February, Happy February! The house prices in Long Island are in-January’s Real Estate Market Report. Two areas of which I’m going to share with you are Nassau County and Uniondale.  Last month in January, 7 houses sold in Uniondale, the median sales price was $445,000. This is a 1.5% decreased from January 2020, where... Read More

    What’s a good turnout for an Open House?

    By Nicole Burke MBA | February 22, 2021

     As a homeowner looking to move and put your house on the market, you’ll like to know: what’s a good turnout for an Open House? How many people should show up to this open house for it to be successful? I’ll explain 4 types of buyers who will attend your Open House and you may... Read More

    What are the 3 Types of Mortgages?

    By Nicole Burke MBA | February 22, 2021

    You are ready to start looking at houses, you saved money, you know what area you want to live in. Here’s a general overview of the 3 types of Mortgages   The 3 types of mortgages are: Conventional  Jumbo  Government Insured Mortgages.  Just giving you a general overview of these mortgages to help you with... Read More

    Things to do When Retired and Bored

    By Nicole Burke MBA | December 2, 2020

    So you worked the  majority  of your  life  for  this  big day…Retirement!  Yayyy! Now  that  you’ve retired, you’ve completed some projects around the house, did some cleaning up, and you’re sitting around bored. What to do with this boredom and all this free time on your hands? I’ve got five things to do when you’re... Read More

    Sell House and Rent in Retirement

    By Nicole Burke MBA | November 24, 2020

    Now that you’ve retired, what should you do with your house… Should you rent? Should you buy? Or should you just stay where you are?  You may watch this video ▶ You’ve got this big old house with all of these rooms and you’re retired! You’ve raised your children, they’ve moved out, they have children... Read More

    Getting House Ready to Sell Checklist

    By Nicole Burke MBA | November 3, 2020

    I want to share with you my “Getting House Ready to Sell Checklist” that I share with my clients  who are preparing their house to sell for TOP DOLLAR. You may also watch my YouTube video:  This checklist is nice, short and sweet: Planting colorful flowers: This pop of color will give a warm feeling... Read More

    What makes property value Increase

    By Nicole Burke MBA | October 28, 2020

    There are 5 factors that affect your property values. These 5 are the following:    Supply and demand: Let’s return to Economics 101. When a market has a high  volume of buyers looking for houses, and there are just a low amount of houses on the  market, this in turn pushes the property values up... Read More

    How Much to Spend When Preparing Your Home for Sale

    By Nicole Burke MBA | October 20, 2020

    Let’s get started and let’s get started with the MONEY! So, prior to putting your home on the market, I would suggest that you do the following 5 items:   Make a plan. Take some time to make a plan, and a budget on how much you want to  spend on the repairs of your home.... Read More

    What not to do before buying a house

    By Nicole Burke MBA | July 15, 2020

    When you are on the market looking for a house to purchase. You want to have an effortless, non-stressful, and a quick transaction.Here  are 3 things you should avoid doing before and during buying your perfect home. These are the following:   Don’t shift your finances around before getting the loan.   When a lender... Read More