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Getting House Ready to Sell Checklist

I want to share with you my “Getting House Ready to Sell Checklist” that I share with my clients  who are preparing their house to sell for TOP DOLLAR. You may also watch my YouTube video: 

This checklist is nice, short and sweet:

  1. Planting colorful flowers: This pop of color will give a warm feeling when prospective Buyers drive up to your house.
  2. Repainting the front door: Throughout the years of you living in your house, the door might  be weathered. Repainting the front door will give the Buyers a great  first impression.
  3. Cleaning the windowsills: The attention to details are important to keep in mind when you are showing on a warm day. 
  4. Removing dust from visible areas: Some people may have dust allergies and may not be able to see your home’s beauty if they’re sneezing, tearing up and uncomfortable while viewing your house.
  5. Organize your closets, and remove any items that you’re not using: Now would be good times to either donate those items, or have a garage sale.
  6. Fix any loose handles on the doors or drawers: It would be embarrassing for the door or drawer handles to fall off while a Realtor is showing your house. Just take a weekend to check the handles and tighten them before showing your house. 
  7. Visit your town’s building department to see if there’s  any open  permits on your property. This  is  very  important  to  do, because  sometimes I have  clients  who  want  to sell  their  house  or  their  parents’ home  and  there are  some  open  permits  on  the house that will  delay your  closing. Check with the Town’s Building Department that all permits are closed out.
  8. Call and consult with a Real Estate Agent who’s familiar with your area: An experienced Real Estate Agent will have a network of professionals to help with anything that needs to be repaired, painted, cleaned or removed from the house. Moreover, she will give you a thorough checklist to get your house ready to sell.
  9. Clean out the garage: People tend to accumulate and store a lot of items in the garage because of the space it allows. Buyers like to be able to envision their items in this space. A cleaned out garage will allow them to do this.
  10. Fix any leaks or running faucets:  A leaky or running faucet will cause bells to go off in the Buyers’ head that there may be other issues/problems in the house. It’ll take some time to get someone in to fix this and less headache when you show your home. Therefore, take this time to fix any leaky/running faucets in your home.

Make sure to give a strong negotiation position by taking care  of the details before you put your house to sell. My “Getting House Ready to Sell Checklist” will net you more money when you sell your house. Should  you  want  to  receive  a  more  thorough  checklist, please feel free to complete the form at this link and  we  will  be  more  than  happy  to  share  this thorough checklist with preparing your home for sale.

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