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Moving Tips and Tricks

Purging your closets, your linen closet, your kitchen cabinets, your bedroom, your bath, and moving your entire household is a difficult process. Great news! I’ve got 10 moving tips and tricks to share with you to help facilitate your move to your new home easy!

Obtain 3 quotes from moving companies. 

Speak with 3 moving companies. You want to make sure that they are licensed and insured to move your items safely. For a list of questions to ask moving companies. Want to receive a  list of questions to ask moving companies in order for you to narrow it down and see which company you will go with. Complete the form attached to the link at the end of this blog.


Have a lot of water on hand for you and the movers. 

Trust me you will thank me for this one. Get a case of water, bring it to the new house and keep it there. You want to stay hydrated throughout the move. Your movers will thank you for this water on hand when they get to the new house and they are unloading your items into the new house. So, make sure you bring a case of water to the new home. This is especially true during the summertime. You’ll want to have at least one case of water at the house for you and the movers. 

Find free boxes.

You may find free boxes at a local recycling drop off point, Craigslist freecycle, bookstores or any businesses where they have boxes coming into their business. This is a way to save money.

Color coordinate your boxes. 

A way that you can color coordinate your boxes is by buying a bunch of colored Post-its. An  example of the way you can use these color post-its:the pink color post-it for items that you want to sell, green post-its for items that you want to donate, yellow post-its for kitchen items, and blue post-its for bathroom items.

Bring a bunch of door stoppers to the new home. 

So, you want to keep the doors open for the movers who are moving your items back and forth from your home to the moving truck. To facilitate this, keep the front door open with a door stopper. Sometimes you might need to bring enough stoppers to keep all the doors open to facilitate things for you and the movers.  


Place a fully charged iPad in a box that’s going to be going on the moving truck. 

If you are moving a long distance and you want to track where your items are. You may do this by selecting ‘Find My iPhone’. You can track where your items are at any given time. You won’t have to be anxious or worrying where your items are and when they will arrive. You’ll be able to track them because your fully charged iPad is in a box that’s going to be in the moving truck. 

Flatten your boxes upon unpacking all your items. 

You should do this if you might be moving again. Store these boxes somewhere in the house, thus you won’t have to spend any more money purchasing boxes on your next move. This is a great way to save money. 

Make sure to have extra money for tips to give to the movers. 

Providing that the movers do a great job with the move, you’ll want to give them a tip. Go to the bank a day or 2 before moving, and put the money in separate envelopes for your movers. 

Pack a box or a bag of essential items that you would need on moving day. 

You’re going to bring this with you to the new home. You’ll need a change of clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, some toiletries, and some pots and pans in order for you to cook a meal the next few days after you moved in. You may not know where some of your items are. So, you’ll have this essential moving bag or box at your fingertips in your car.

Try to pick a moving day that is in the middle of the month. 

The first weekend and the last weekend are definitely high priced moving times. Thus, costing you more money to move at the beginning or the end of the month. It will be cheaper to move during the week: Monday through Friday. 

  • Bonus Tip for you is take photos of any of your belongings that are either fragile or mean a lot to you. 

Perhaps during the move, and the movers damage one of your precious items. You’ll have the photos of your items intact to show the moving company and the insurance company for a reimbursement for your item. 

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