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Things to do When Retired and Bored

So you worked the  majority  of your  life  for  this  big day…Retirement!  Yayyy! Now  that  you’ve retired, you’ve completed some projects around the house, did some cleaning up, and you’re sitting around bored. What to do with this boredom and all this free time on your hands? I’ve got five things to do when you’re retired and bored. You can check out my YouTube video here ➡️


I’ve  collected these  FIVE activities throughout the years from my clients on what they did, or what they are doing to help with this boredom in retirement.  

  1. Babysitting for family or friends. Since you’ve got so much time on  your  hands. You  could fill this time with watching and taking care of  children all week or a few days out of the week. This will keep you active: running  after and playing with toddlers. It’s a great activity to think to do that will definitely get you out of your boredom and keep you feeling  young. 
  2. Move  to  a  different  state  or  country.  I’m  sure  throughout the  years  or  even  when  you were  younger,  in  high  school, or college  you had  a  dream  to  move  to  a different  state or country.  However, life happened and you got sidetracked with it or there  may have been something always holding  you  back from exploring this move. Now  that  you  have  this  free time  and no longer  have  to  work;  pack  up  all  your  stuff, move to a different country, learn the culture, be immersed in it. You will be forced to learn the language, do something  different  and fun. 
  3. Is there a nonprofit organization or a cause that is dear to your heart? Why not volunteer and become a Board member, make a change  in that  organization? Bring your thoughts, ideas and your experience to the organization. The Board will welcome what you bring to the table to help them grow. Who knows… you may become the Board of this organization that you’ve always wanted to be a part of!
  4. Become an entrepreneur with your time. There’s  always  a  problem  that  needs  to be  solved.  Find  what  that problem is and deliver that service or goods to the clients who would need your business. Starting a business and running a profitable  business will keep you busy for a very long time. You won’t be saying that you’re bored once you start planning your business. Go  ahead and  start  that  business  today.  Get  rid  of  that  boredom, make  some money, create jobs, be that entrepreneur that you know you can be.
  5. Last  but  not  least, do  whatever  you  want!  It’s  your  time! Do  whatever  you  want with whoever you want, and whatever you want to do. If you want to do nothing, just don’t sit around making noise that you’re bored. Do nothing. You want to hang out with a friend,  you want to watch a movie, read a book…Do it!! You’ve put in too much time and hours to have the world dictate what you should do or worry  what  other  people may think of you doing nothing. Enjoy your  retirement with whatever  you  select  to do. It’s your time.

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