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What’s a good turnout for an Open House?

 As a homeowner looking to move and put your house on the market, you’ll like to know: what’s a good turnout for an Open House? How many people should show up to this open house for it to be successful? I’ll explain 4 types of buyers who will attend your Open House and you may watch my YouTube video, by clicking on this link

Things have changed a little bit to showing houses due to COVID-19. We’ve got to wear our masks, gloves, sometimes even booties in houses when we host an open house. What I do for my open house is I go ahead and schedule times for people to come in. Open houses are generally open to the public on specific days and times of the week.

There are 4 types of Buyers who attend Open Houses. The following are these 4 types:

  1. Looky Loos: You have the lookers, the looky loos. They’re the ones who will visit an Open House because it’s a sunny, warm day and want to see how the houses are decorated. They’re not quite ready to purchase and they’re just curious.
  2. Agents: There are Buyer Agents and Broker Agents who want to be familiar with the inventory of houses. This way making them knowledgeable for their clients or buyers interested in the town.
  3. Neighbors: You’ve got your nosy neighbors who come out to check out your house, and compare it to theirs. They may be thinking of selling in the future; thus wanting to get an idea of what their house is worth.
  4. Serious Buyers: Serious buyers have their pre-approval letter and saved money for their down payment. They saw your house when it came to  the market, inquired about your house, ready to move in the next 60 days and scheduled time to visit your Open House. 

Now, because we have those four types of people who come to your open house, it may be great, you might think that since you have a high volume of people attending the house, and looking at it might be 15 or more attendees to the open house. You may think that this is  great. However, keep in mind, you just need one person, one serious person to offer you the price that you’re looking for to sell your house. So, at the end of the day, how many people does it take to have a successful open house? I just say ONE. 


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